Demanding that I change

even asking nicely

that I or my mind change

will cure neither my ills

nor your concerns for me.

Why is it important

what I believe or don’t

believe to be true?

Just drop it and

then our minds

can agree to disagree

or they can part ways.

The crux of this problem

lies in the tears

staining your face –

tears you cry over

some concern for

my salvation.

Rather than being

my priest, my pastor,

be my friend.

Rather than being

concerned for my eternity

share life with me.



About John White

I've written off and on my entire life. It took years for me to finally take putting words together seriously. Now it's not, nor does it ever feel, like work. Writing daily has become habitual. No day is complete without words having appeared on the page.

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  1. There is life in the concept, and then there is life in the act.

    “…be my friend.”

    • Thank you. Sometimes what sounds like an easy task can be difficult – to be a friend. It’s great to meet you!

      • As far as friendship goes (and goes), some people are overloaded in their lives, and some are just not comfortable with certain kinds of sharing.  There’s application in all things, some application of unconditional love…something to always believe in.

        Let’s (try to) Be Social.

        • I agree that some are more open than others. Open to sharing, open to emotional connections, open to emotional vulnerabilities displayed between friends. Time can be a factor in life and can easily prevent friends from being together. However, the point of the poem is acceptance – of flaws whether real or perceived – and acceptance of differences of opinion. If we embrace those things, being social will be much more easily achieved.

  2. Don’t save me, stand with me 😍

  3. “they can part ways” It kind of looks like you’re looking at this one.

  4. I am still learning from my experiences and relationships everyday. The best friends I’ve had are those who are loyal to me before, during and after I learn some of life’s toughest lessons. Thankfully, the before and the after are our chances to chill together, just loving the calms between the storms–the springs that follow the harshest winters, etc. This is a great poem! Thank you!

  5. Reblogged this on Unhinged Intensity and commented:
    Response to “Salvation”
    I do care about your eternity
    The vision of you
    Burning in a lake of sulfur for all eternity
    Makes me weep
    Makes me sob
    You may believe
    Whatever you wish
    Because the Father gives us a choice
    I don’t ask you to change
    That is not something I desire
    But I beg
    I plead with you
    To let the One who gave you breath
    Not change you
    But transform you
    Free you
    I care about your soul
    I will not stand complacent
    Compelled to tell you
    Plead with you
    That God came to us in the form of a baby
    With human fingers and human toes
    Human tears
    Human joy
    Human anger
    And pain
    He died in the form of a real man
    So that God would be with us at all times
    So that we get to live in a new earth
    The way it was originally created
    With no pain
    Only tears of joy
    I desire this for you
    With all my heart
    I do not know you
    Fellow soul
    And right now I weep for you
    Not asking you to change
    But asking you to let Him in
    Let Him into your soul
    To transform you
    He loves you for who you are
    Where you are at
    I do want to share life
    With you
    For all eternity
    With our maker
    That is the life
    I wish to share

  6. Amen. I totallly agree 🙂

  7. Speak the #truth!!!! 👏 I love this! ❤️ Live and let live; love and let love. People are far too concerned with what others believe and don’t believe. I believe we all just need to be loved and share that love in return. That’s what’s really important. More important than passing judgment on people who just want to live their lives. You are a literary Rock Star 🌟

  8. Thanks for the follow and the like!

  9. forandbytheunheard

    loving this one!

  10. Oh yes. I understand this type of relationship very well. Excellent work.

  11. Cool poem. It really struck a chord with me.


  12. There is a yearning and sadness felt here of two people drawn to each other but separated by an abyss not yet bridged.

  13. It seems that the impulse to “save” another can be an innocent yet audacious presumption that one actually holds such a power. At the root is fear of loss, of seperation even eternal. Ultimate self preservation should the “infidel” not convert. It can be the willing for another what in reality has yet to be apprehended for the self. All spiritual traditions teach that salvation’s focus is solitary and inward. The witnessing is not about what the other ought be but rather the good news story of the redemption of ones own self. Here lives grace and hope and encouragement with no condemnation. When I attend to the log in my eye having grace for the speck in yours is no burden whatsoever. Be Groovy.

  14. I am enjoying your work

    • Always be groovy! One’s own thoughts, beliefs or convictions are their own. I respect that and their right to hold what they wish as meaningful. My own views on the subject can be expressed in a few words – salvation lies in a free mind. (TM? not so sure, really if I got to that thought first) When we allow ourselves to question everything, constantly learn and grow as well as to free ourselves enough accept the challenge of new ideas then we find true salvation. My secular viewpoint is in stark contrast to your decidedly theological viewpoint but what we have in common is enough – we are both living, breathing, thinking, feeling human beings. And, yes, we can continue to strive to be groovy! Always!

      • I was in agreement with you, still am. I’ve studied many different “ologies”. In the end they are just different vessels trying to contain something much too large for any of them to hold. If I have a subject I could write about it or dance about it or paint about it or develop a mathematical formula about it or whatever, they would all be true in their fashion and hopefully communicate something about the subject but they never will be the subject. The theological words were in response to the use of the word salvation. My words may have been poorly constructed.

      • Maybe all I was trying to say was if someone has a need for another to be like or agree with them in order to be ok then it says more about them and what they need than it does about the identified “infidel.” When theological or god words are used they may sometimes be covering for something not entirely “godlike” or good or selfless or whatever. Even if someone says they want another to be with them in eternity they are still speaking of their own desire not the others. This is fun. Thank you for letting me play.

  15. This is so strange that I didn’t see this on the day you wrote it but I see it today because I was sort of thinking about this today – but from the other side of it. I was asking myself why do I care about other people’s salvation? I was truly trying to analyze it – do I really care? This is what I came up with. To be completely open I do not think one minute of someone going to heaven or hell. I mean yes, I think there is a heaven and perhaps, a hell, but I am not the type of evangelistic disciple that asks the question, “if you die tonight, where would you go?” So what do I care about? I care about people having hope and some measure of peace in THIS life. I think about how totally imperfect I am, the completely boneheaded decisions I seem to keep making over and over, the pains of life, and I know that I would bury myself in depression if I didn’t have Jesus. I can’t explain it really. He is overwhelming to me, and I so desire for people to have hope and love and a path of grace…and I do care. I care so much. My emotions twist and turn in some of the posts I read. I find myself lifting people up in prayer I have never met. I just want people to have hope. That’s why I care about your “salvation”. love and hugs to you.

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