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Divorcing Reality


this is it and

this is what I

can expect

from reality

then let me leave

let me walk away

and never come

back to this place

to this offering

perhaps then I

can create my

own reality


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there should be no fear of

a hell to come

rather fear those things

being forced upon you

by others who lay claim

to knowledge you don’t

currently possess

knowledge which will

for a hefty price

and constant servitude

help you prevent torments

but by adhering to their

sorcery and deception

you have created the hell

you fear the most

within this life


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A New Play

Close your eyes.

What do you see?

A dream?

A vision?

Your future?

Your past?

Past love?

Past loss?

Are you haunted?

Are you comforted?

You can’t hide,

You can’t avoid,

Any of this.

You close them,

Again and again.

The mind’s lights,

go out and,

set the stage,

time and again.

Write a new,

fresh chapter,

to replace,

unwanted plays,


in your mind.


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Blog Party Declared

I’ve been keeping this blog since July 30th of last year.  In that amount of time, I’ve met so many of you, read so much of your writing, seen your photography, interacted with you, received your comments, and generally been given so much support that it was time to do this to say THANK YOU!!  I declare a…


Here’s how it works:

Create a post on your blog about one of your current followers.  Choose anyone you wish.

  • Title your post “Blog Party Declared” and link back to this post somewhere in your post.  This will create a pingback to this post which will appear in the comments below.  This way everyone can be directed to your post to read about your featured follower as well as to give us all the opportunity to follow your blog and the blog of your featured follower.
  • Keep your post from becoming too long but be sure to link to your follower’s blog and say why you’ve chosen them.
  • Check back on this post on occasion to see the links that appear in the comments section so you can go see the blogs of others to read their latest work and to show them a little love by following.

NOTE:  I promise to follow anyone who takes part in this blog party and I’ll also follow the blog featured in your post.

My Featured Blogger for this first Blog Party is:

Mike Steeden!

Mike has been a follower here since virtually the beginning.  It’s possible he was the first to follow, actually.  And that’s not to mention that he’s been exceptionally supportive by hitting that “Like” button virtually every time I’ve posted.

Mike writes some great poetry.  Shoot, even his titles are amazing!  His most recent is THE CONFESSIONAL OF REMINISCENCE.  Here’s an excerpt:

“You have the peerless cocktail mix

Defining the addled moron that was

Me in those sophomoric know-all days”

That could describe so many of us in our younger years of rebellion, teenage lust, wantonness, and craziness.  Mike nails the description in this piece  – something he has a habit of doing in his writing – nailing it!

And I haven’t even mentioned that Mike can rock the color black!

Go check him out and be sure to give him a follow.  He’s a heckuva fine writer!

That’s pretty much it!  Simple.  Stick around and enjoy the Blog Party!

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Lost Me

Was it as I aged

or when I was a child?

Did it happen willingly

or was it taken away?

Somewhere along the way

I have lost me.


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In A Hurry

one check of the window

can confirm the state of

all these humans today

running about wildly

like helpless poultry with

heads tragically removed


flashing gadgets demand

all of their attention

as they walk blindly to

fro and into one another


consumerism their

new, devoted love

time is never cherished

it’s now the enemy


the world is in a big

damned frenzy of a hurry

if only they would stop

to see their fellow man


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I Would

if you’re wondering if

I would love you forever

I would

if you want to know if

I will always stay

I would

if you’re wondering if

I would lay down my life for you

I would

whatever you ask of me

whatever you need from me

I would



Two Pursuits

One pursues me while

I make haste to catch

up with the other

One remains illusive

ducking my advances

the other a daily reminder

that it intends to devour me

One is sure destruction

the end of all things

the other a source of peace

a respite from troubled life

These two – love and death

represent the ultimate

final destination

I must outrun love

to catch the other




At the time it shatters,

the tragedy begins.

Broken and defeated,

it lies in utter ruin.

It is not the heart.

It is the mind.



Four Days

four days

four days now my mind

has been running

the switch has never

been turned off

there have been times

in which it may have idled

but it’s been running

occasional bursts came

from stepping on the gas

then back into idle

it’s sitting and humming now

soon I’ll have no choice

it will run out of fuel

or seize up

four days