The day will come,

when these shoes will stand empty,

and I am no longer there among you.

Please take these pieces of me,

I have left scattered all about,

as evidence of a life lived,

as a memory of who I am,

for you are contained here too.



About John White

I've written off and on my entire life. It took years for me to finally take putting words together seriously. Now it's not, nor does it ever feel, like work. Writing daily has become habitual. No day is complete without words having appeared on the page.

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  1. This poem is beautiful. So deep yet so simple. Really hit home with me. Thanks for sharing.



  2. Great one John,as a memory of who I am for you are contained here to,love it

  3. I accept your wondrous pieces and hope you will accept mine. We will not be forgotten when the time comes that we must depart for the unknown.

  4. The pieces that were left for me have made their mark… scored upon my mind.
    Did you think you were writing on a computer. Oh no my friend, on the minds of all who have read that which was written with the ink of love…Keep on into eternity! where we will join you.

    • Well said, my friend! We don’t write for writing’s sake. We write to leave behind tiny pieces of ourselves to prove we lived. “The ink of love…” great title right there!

      • Thanks John. Today is the first day that I have ever written anything much down, first blog(which you chose to follow?).nothing of my own there yet. All mine were lost while out walking with no pen and paper..listening to natures breath.so now I have an app!
        I have never seen myself as a writer, more into mysticism and spirituality. We shall see!

        • It’s all a matter of what’s inside you. Of course, if the desire is there to write, you’ll do wonders. Give it a try. Or try to write at least a little every day and you’ll feed that side of your mind.

  5. I think you have expressed what we all feel as we write and leave the pieces of our soul for others to see. It is beautifully written and mirrors my own feelings. I, too, have written all my life, and my husband continually urged me to not to stop even though we had five children. He would say James Michener didn’t get serious about writing until he was in his 40’s. Now that I am twice that age I have published one book at 81 and finished the second at 82 which will be marketed in a few weeks. The cover and presentation of the interior is all that remains to be done. I have begun my next book which will be a collection of my poetry. The other two have been spiritual works. Thanks for sharing your work.

    • Age is a number and a number only. I’ve always laughed at the notion that a “young poet” is a sub-40 (or 50)-year-old poet. As long as there are thoughts, inspiration and life in us, there are things to write and part of us to share with anyone willing to read. I’ve found encouragement in Michener’s story since I didn’t get serious about writing until I was well into my 40’s. If we’ve lived and experienced all that life can throw at us, we have something to share. Keep sharing and, as Bukowski said of poetry, “It’s kind of a pssionate, pleasurable, selfish, nice form where you could scream a little bit. I guess I needed to scream a little bit.” Keep screaming!

  6. I enjoyed this poem very much!

  7. So beautiful!
    ~ Iris

  8. Dear John,

    This is a very elegant reflective elegaic piece.

    It provokes me to re-examine the context we crossed paths online.

    I remember just the kind word of yours about a composition of mine, that you somehow saw on your computer terminal and read, which I had written slowly, deliberately, in techical language, over an hour one evening, about and as vapours from a mug of kukicha tea attracted a clothes moth to fly by and cooled, was savoured and drunk to the very ‘last tongue-tooth slosh’.

    I have followed your lines over the months, rather neutrally in a benevolent and benign way, but this one is absolutely stunning. I think it is an exceptionally strong work, and testament to your skill.

    In exchange, I can only offer a website that I follow that might interest you as well. http://howapoemhappens.blogspot.ie/ run by Brian Brodeur. You may well be aware of this resource. Perhaps you might consider leave one of your ‘pieces’ here too.

    Kind regards,


  9. We are all in this together after all, aren’t we? Beautiful. I truly enjoy your reflections.

  10. Beautiful. Timeless magic in art.

  11. This is really beautiful. Says so much in just a few words

  12. I am lucky enough that I am reading this poem.This single piece tells everything about life.How imaginative a person has to be to write such a poem.The poem has touched my heart. Incredible work John.

  13. thefeatheredsleep

    this is so very lovely

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