Monthly Archives: March 2015

You Never Came to Visit

You never came to visit last night.

Without you there is no ending,

no resolution to my day.

When you fail to show up,

there’s no tomorrow just a blur.

If you don’t materialize,

my mind cannot hit reset.

The day grew much more difficult,

I could no longer find me when,

You never came to visit last night.




Hairs on my head – numbered you say?

Can you tell me how many remain?

Would you be so kind to read,

their numbered labels?

My days have each been assigned with,

a number of their own, you tell me?

Is that so?

I’m currently completing day,

number 17,988.

Do the math for me, Professor.

Break out your slide ruler,

tell me, using your math tricks,

how many remain in my,

lifetime’s equation?

Finally, ask me how much I care.

I’m not here to count, add,

subtract or multiply.

I’m here to live,

and your numbers,

mean nothing.

Just let me live today.



Where Are You Coming From?

Where are you coming from?

Has life been a struggle,

or have you lived atop the world?

Is your health of no concern,

or do you fight every step?

Has love come easily for you,

or have you been abandoned?

Are your familial ties strong,

or does dysfunction mark your past?

Your life, your journey brought you here.

I ask again –

Where are you coming from?




The day will come,

when these shoes will stand empty,

and I am no longer there among you.

Please take these pieces of me,

I have left scattered all about,

as evidence of a life lived,

as a memory of who I am,

for you are contained here too.



I’d Rather Be Alone

And what of loneliness,” you ask.

And I say, “what about it?”

What does it even mean?

Does being in a room alone,

avoiding contact,

no conversation,

few, if any, friends,

do these equal loneliness?

And what is the cure?

Taking in the company,

of a boring mind,

to while away the hours,

in a numbing drone,

with some small, weak,

lacking brain,

incapable of,

a unique thought?

Thank you but,

I’d rather be alone.



Have/Have Not

Within me is a breath. I still live.

My youth has escaped me. I now age.

Years of wisdom collect. I’m wiser.

Small memories escape. I forget.

I gain knowledge daily. I know more.

I gain knowledge daily. I know little.

What remains I embrace. I have much.

What I have lost is gone. I’ve lost much.



Days Past

Those days have passed,

into anathema,

left there to stay,

a part of history.

I’ve buried them

in the back yard,

where they will rot.

Why do you ask,

they be exhumed?