In Between

what falls in between

joy and misery

love and hate

high and low

much of life seems to

be lived in one of these

extremes and rarely in

the spaces in between


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About John White

I've written off and on my entire life. It took years for me to finally take putting words together seriously. Now it's not, nor does it ever feel, like work. Writing daily has become habitual. No day is complete without words having appeared on the page.

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  1. The space in between the lines is where I like to be somewhere where comfort is ,that’s all I need
    I will find the rest if need be
    Great one John
    As always Sheldon

  2. Nice poem. I enjoyed it and like contemplating this idea of where we do or want to live. I think my first thoughts echoed Sheldon’s, I live in the space between, not at the extremes most of the time. I actually believe living at the ends isn’t healthy. When you’re at one end, the other end seems impossible. It makes it hard to see outside of yourself at the extremes. Living with someone who has fallen to extremes is where my life is and we are trying to fight back to balance. It’s such a risk being the counterbalance of a seesaw, very scary stuff.

  3. Champagne and razor blades. This is very much my life. Thanks for the post John.

  4. Well said! But sometimes, the extremes are so appealing. It is they that push me to write.

  5. I love this …. exactly how I’ve been feeling all day …. I had to reblog on my page …

  6. Might be !!
    But the extremes are the positions where you can enjoy the life….

    Being in between gives you nothing… neither experience nor joy.

  7. The Broken Rose

    The spaces in between 🙂 i like it

  8. Lovely, lovely! I really love this. 🙂

  9. Much of life seems to be wearing away in efforts to merge the two extremes. Lovely post 🙂

  10. Short, sweet but so profound. Things we really do think about. Great!

  11. inspiringmotivations
  12. Once and yet again, graced with words that speak of what floats around, inside my own thoughts these past few days… Thank you for the read.

  13. You moved me with this poem.
    Look forward to read more from you!

  14. The extremes are what motivate us to express ourselves, don’t you agree? I’ve always thought that nobody ever writes, paints or composes a piece of music spurred on by “mild” and “in-between”. In my opinion anyway 🙂

  15. The Girl You Loved


  16. Alexia Lauren

    So true!

  17. jannaruusuvuori

    Funny isn’t it, there is always one feeling or another. But to find the in between, I need space and peace.

  18. A Heart in Reflective Chaos

    Reblogged this on softlytranscending's Blog.

  19. This is so concisely and beautifully written! 🙂 I really enjoyed reading it.

  20. I feel quite the opposite to be honest. That almost all of life is lived in the in between. Even those that do prefer to live life in the extremes appear to be few…

  21. My life explained. In eight lines. Great poem John!

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