The Times

tired of hearing about how

trying the time is in which

we find ourselves living


as if all times haven’t

been trying or difficult

with nary-a hardship


sure we can look around

and see fear bubbling

up and over the surface


there’s ignorance that

borders on the sublimely

and willfully stupid


there’s delusion that’s

run absolutely rampant

creating deluded zombies


there’s violence perpetrated

even by those who are

supposed to be there to help


there’s hatred that appears

blacker and more matter-of-fact

than anything seen before


there’s ugliness and people

being cruel and doing unspeakable

things to each other


but these times are no more

difficult or trying nor are

they in any way the worst


what we can’t do, mustn’t

do is to allow ourselves

to turn back time out of fear


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About John White

I've written off and on my entire life. It took years for me to finally take putting words together seriously. Now it's not, nor does it ever feel, like work. Writing daily has become habitual. No day is complete without words having appeared on the page.

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  1. Time always has its problems, but it also always has its hopes.

  2. Thank you John for reminding us that life is.Life that we have been here before that we all must live in these Times, and the greatest is not to let the fear get the best if us
    As always Sheldon

    • Thanks, Sheldon! Either suited to our times or we have to adjust to our times but the times are no tougher or easier. It’s just another day on planet earth.

  3. This Sunday’s Gospel is Jesus sleeping in the boat during the storm while the disciples freak out… And the reading from the Hebrew Scriptures is 1 Samuel and David slaying Goliath with five smooth stones…

    This took me to those passages… Keeping faith in the midst of trials… Lots to ponder!

  4. I agree – must look ahead and work to make things better. 🙂

  5. How true, poetry and wisdom all in one place. Really enjoyed that.

  6. I find myself thinking this time and time again. I’ve lost cunt of the times I have seen or heard the words… ‘What is becoming of our town’ or ‘thing’s have gone to the dogs round here’. I just think back to the slums of East London in the 1800’s and think myself lucky 🙂 x

  7. A “timely” post. Thanks, John. I believe that it is the duty of the likes of us, who blog, expressing one person’s positivity at a time, in poetry, creative writing, photography, music, visual arts etc., to keep a sense of personal worth and responsibility to share fellings with others and gradually overcome the fear, anger and depression that news-bringers throw out in the name of today’s “reality”. We can certainly be a virus for positive change. Keep at it.
    Peace to you and your’s.

    • Thank you, Richard. Things get blown out of proportion too often and we begin to moan about how bad things have gotten when things are actually pretty darned good.

  8. This kind of reminds me of this article I read today. Basically, everything is happening in one universal moment.

  9. Life is life, we take it with a grain of sand.

  10. your poetry speaks highly of what most of us need to consider at this times…

  11. So very true. I guess the only benefit of focusing on the bad things that occur today is if you are doing something to change them.

  12. So true!
    I think back to the Middle Ages and wonder what has changed? Humans will be human in all our beauty and our beastliness.
    I refuse to live in fear of what ‘could be’. What a waste of energy when life is happening, good things are happening and I have the choice of my response. Not head in the sand but head in the sky. This moment is the best one I have, I am enjoying it, thank you!

  13. Amen, brother. Please consider this the comment equivalent of a standing ovation.

  14. I think things have always been like this, we just didn’t have social media and all the other junk to bring it to our attention so often. this would is what we make it… much peace and light to you. Michelle

  15. true indeed! we keep complaining around, failing to see that life is interesting because it has variety. Bad times are just a short break out of good ones. Nothing, including TIME would change negatively if we remain positive.

  16. What can I add that everyone else hasn’t already said. Your post is so true and to the point.I also agree that the media does get all the bad stuff right out there in our face and fear can and will keep one cowering away with no recourse. Times are not harder now than any previous time in history. In fact I’d say we have it pretty good, if you really look at history. I say, get out, do something for someone, or your community, help somewhere. If one is busy doing good, you won’t have time to worry and fear the bad stuff. Your life is, indeed, what YOU make it. Make it good. Make it count.

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