Remembered By Strangers

it is, as well it should be,

assumed that loved ones

of all stripes from friends

to family will remember

but searching as I am for

an audience, it is my desire

to be remembered by strangers


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About John White

I've written off and on my entire life. It took years for me to finally take putting words together seriously. Now it's not, nor does it ever feel, like work. Writing daily has become habitual. No day is complete without words having appeared on the page.

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  1. anyotherorganians

    “to be remembered by strangers”

    I really like that line. It speaks truth to a culture obsessed with fame. In fact, I’m a stranger, and I’ll write it down and put it in the “reminders” drawer I keep at my apartment. 🙂 I think I’ll also write an acrostic response poem right now using the word “stranger.”

  2. I understand that in my own way brother. It is beyond ego’s neediness for ego has been recognized for the child he is. It seems more like a calling to grow and finally fill the larger space that l, we, you, has been ours from the start. Maybe? 🙂 nice work!

    • Exactly. There’s ego in all of us in differing proportions. If I can find a space to fill, allowance from others to fill it…being remembered for it would be the ultimate. 🙂 Thanks!

  3. i think it’s about doing something worth remembering and making a change in the world. As cheesy as that sounds but looking at the comment above me ..i’m not so sure I understood this the way you meant it . I’m sorry

  4. There is comfort in anonymity…when we put pen to paper and leave our mark, we are still perfectly invisibly cloaked….Well Said, John White!

    • Thank you! I don’t mind remaining anonymous or blended invisibly into the background as long as something I’ve written becomes well known. 🙂 It’s great to meet you!

  5. I took my time interpretting this one in my own way, and I see your words as wanting to touch more then just family. It isn’t family that always counts most, but those who you really don’t even know who we are able to touch deepest the most. Sometime those who are close are not open. Great thought provoking poem, John. Thank you! Love, Amy ❤

    • Thanks as always, Amy! I suppose this was my blatant cry to become famous or to have some of my writing become famous. lol

      • As artists, I believe all of us have the same Dream. Yet, it is the process of creation that holds my attention. Famous or not. 🙂

        • I agree! And there’s nothing better than to feel completely tapped into that part of your mind when it starts coming and won’t stop.

          • Know that feeling so well. I call it magic. The Flow. It just happens and the world fades away ….. 🙂

            • There is nothing like that feeling, Amy. You’re right. Then that nervous feeling when we expose our writing to others… 🙂

              • I know that one well, especially when that writing is personal. There was one post in particular I remember my finger actually shaking on the publish button as I pushed it. It was about the horror we experienced with an animal hospital. It was so bad, John, that not only was my cat hurt and traumatized, I got kicked out for alerting the owners what was going on. Yep, true. I down played how I was treated as the focus was more on my cat and what I did to help him. But there was a huge pack of emotion in that one post. Another one comes to mind where I publicly apologized to a friend. And another one I just wrote that I THINK is hysterically funny, yet I have learned it is NOT easy to be really funny when you write. I can be extremely funny using facial expressions and body gestures, but using only words, and the impact of those words, not easy. That one is coming. Crossing fingers it is as funny as I THINK it is. True story too. That is what makes it so funny IMO. 🙂

                • Those are moments that can combine pride in what you’ve written with the fear you mentioned. Will others like it? Will they criticize it? And then that great relief when the comments are actually positive – what a great feeling. The times when it’s hardest for me to left-click the mouse is to hit send on a submission to a magazine or journal. That always feels terrifying.

                  • I have not submitted anything of mine to a journal or magazine. I can barely keep up with my blog. Yes I have dreams of going further, yet for now, my life itself is my priority. IF I had the passion for what I do now in my earlier life, I would not be where I am today. I make the best of what I have today in my life, with the assurance that a day will arrive that my work will be noticed. And I will also have opportunity to further my horizons to reach a broader audience. For now, John, I am totally in Love with life, and myself. Yes there are aspects of my life that I would Love to change, but I believe in finishing what I myself started. That takes perseverence and a lot of courage. IMO. My Dad who recently passed, always said I need to write bookS. Every one of those books will be dedicated to him. It is because of him that my passion for what I do with art is deepening and flourishing. 🙂 I have learned to Love what I do in this moment and Dream for my tomorrows. As I do what I Love every Moment, those Dreams do come closer …. they just happen. Because I believe ….. 🙂

                    • Nothing can replace or equal living in the moment. I’m sorry to hear about your dad. I lost my mom years ago and I still miss her so I know this has to be hard for you. The best part is that we don’t forget the lessons they taught us so that part of them is always a part of us.

                    • And I am sorry for your loss, John. Loosing a parent is traumatic, and no matter how you prepare, it is never enough. What helps me tremendously is the fact my father’s suffering is now over, and I believe he is in a place he wanted to be for a very long time. He gave up on Life for many years before he passed. Many Lessons did I learn from him. And I continue to do so …

  6. I wish just to be remember,by whom doesn’t matter
    To leave a mark is my greatest importance

  7. We are strangers, but I’ll remember you for this one 🙂 Thats one baby step taken already!

    So well put with complete honesty. loved it!

  8. Your words, for sure, make you remembered by strangers 🙂

  9. I like that this is easy to overlook, and that I have to slow down to understand the magnitude. Simple, with a lot of room.

  10. Wow. I like this. May I use this as an epigram for an upcoming post on my blog,

  11. DeRicki Johnson

    Aye…for 15 minutes!

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  13. Okay John I used the poem Remembered by Strangers on a recent post entitled Strangers on my page … check it out & let me know what u think. Peace

  14. Recognition in anonymity is wonderful.
    We get to be our hearts desire without fear of mockery or judgement by those close to us. Liked this a lot and feel the sentiment totally.

    • Thank you! 🙂 I enjoy all manner of feedback but to hear from anyone with a positive comment always lifts my spirits and that is why to be known or remembered by strangers would be so wonderful. IT’s great to meet you!

  15. Kind of poetry that makes you think. Good Job.

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    I love this

  17. Thank you for the reblog!

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