perfunctory emotion

nothing better to do

breathing because I have to

living in circles

running toward death

locked in a pattern

a deep sigh as tomorrow’s

surety is realized


this is apathy


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About John White

I've written off and on my entire life. It took years for me to finally take putting words together seriously. Now it's not, nor does it ever feel, like work. Writing daily has become habitual. No day is complete without words having appeared on the page.

Posted on October 19, 2015, in Poetry and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 37 Comments.

  1. makes me want to be passionate about something!!!

  2. hooklineandinkwell

    Sounds like the perfect description of apathy…

  3. “breathing because I have to” — that’s apathy all right

  4. Lyndsay E. Gilbert

    A good description of Apathy here

  5. Nice, I think I read a survey about latest statistics of apathy growth in the country. Frankly I don’t care. 🙂

  6. It’s as if apathy is our new defense mechanism

  7. Psychiatric death is what SAY enforced in anothers life is. If it is not your say, how can you be anything but uncaring? The human head needs to care,be passionate, change, that is life. Growth is change. Fear change fear growth. This truth here just angers me that human health and talent has no worth.

  8. Whoa! Real apathy! Everything fine? Or is it just a fictional piece?

  9. Apathy is not a kind word!!! It is the prefigurement to nihilism…nice work.

  10. ohhh yeah I feel no apathy about your apathy poem 🙂

  11. Fierce poem…so much pain!

  12. I nominate you for the Blogger Recognition Award and One Lovely Blog Award.

  13. Everyone is allowed 24-72hrs…sometimes its a necessary phase in rebooting..we all go there once in awhile..
    I admire you for posting on the dark side.

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