Monthly Archives: October 2015


I make no point

of ever making new year’s


they always seemed

stupid and pointless –

an exercise in futility

a few lies we tell

ourselves each year but


maybe that’s why I never

quit smoking/started running


it doesn’t explain why I

never ask out the pretty brunette or

faced all of my major fears or

sought after what I truly wanted


older and wiser (maybe) now

I can correct at least one of these


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When Shadows Are Long

not just from the autumnal

or from the angle of the sun

as the trees provide a much

larger protective canopy

or when even the smallest

house seems to occupy

a much larger footprint

or when the light appears

to streak across the landscape

rather than bathe it from above


when, for the entire year,

from solstice to solstice,

when I am able to bask

in the shadows of the greats

as their shade grows longer

covering many more beneath,

then perhaps I too can relish

in all of the beauty they created

and find the stirring that

will cause my shadow

to extend to the horizon


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Locked In

this room is still depressing

scratched hard-wood floors

covered in hair the dog shed

and that I’m too lazy to sweep up

windows that won’t open

a door to the outside screwed shut

far too much furniture

and a tendency to go from cold to hot

but it’s my sanctuary, my place

to hide, to think, to write,

I can’t leave or those other thoughts

will take me over, keep me away

from what I know I should be doing

I’m locked in partly by choosing

and partly for my own safety


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Ten-Year-Old Kid

he was just a ten-year-old kid

he knew little of the world

he didn’t have a grip on life

of its many complexions

and here he is, receiving the

worst news of his entire life

delivered without ceremony

no sugarcoating, no easy

way to tell something so terrible

reaction? what reaction?

he has no idea what to do

with what he’s just been told

it’s over. he knows it’s over

and there’s nothing he can do

to change the outcome

he’s emotionless, limp

still unable to process or

to cope with today’s events

somewhere, now nearly 40

years later, that kid is still

standing there, numb to

everything around him, still

wishing it was a dream, that

no one had driven up, to

deliver this crushing blow

still wondering how he’ll ever

be able to deal with this


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Departing Wisdom

there will come a time

or maybe not

all things happen for a reason

until something random happens

(it does every day)

don’t put all your eggs in one basket

unless you only have one basket

if you’re going to dream, dream big

most dreams will never come true anyway

silence is golden

and most of us should be constantly golden

patience is a virtue

but life is too short to waste standing in line – don’t

it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all

and far better to never have been crapped on by love

some days are better than others

and some are so bad you’ll wish you never got out of bed

the early bird catches the worm

and he’s probably the fattest bird

procrastination is the thief of time

but it leaves more time for fun


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Mr. President


Mr. President,

once again your image

appears on TV.

Once again, you

come before us

in time of tragedy.

Once again, your

empty rhetoric is

simply air escaping.

Once again, you

are powerless

a pawn of the public.

Once again, the

stupid, uneducated,


American public

will have their way.

They are at home

stroking their phallic

rifles and shotguns.

They create erotic

landscapes for them

and their precious guns.

Mr. President,

the American public

has no common sense.

Death is a way of life

a repeated entertainment

interrupting normal news.

They love guns.

They love death.

They love loss.

They love knowing

they’re still alive and

the shooter didn’t get them.

Umpqua, Columbine, Sandy Hook…

it’s televised pornography

to the gun nuts.

Mr. President,

leave them alone

and hope that you

aren’t the next

caught in the cross hairs.

Then you and I will have

something in common.


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speak to me

in a foreign tongue

and I won’t understand

speak to me

far too loudly

and I will tune out

speak to me

in tones of anger

and I can return only anger

speak to me

in empty meaninglessness

and I have nothing to hear

speak to me

as a friend

and I will be engaged

speak to me

as an equal

and much will be accomplished

speak to me

from the deepest part of you

and the deepest part of me

will respond


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