Monthly Archives: November 2015

Dead Friends

the dead are among my friends

I speak to them daily

they reveal nothing

of what is to come

but they tell me how nice

it will be to have me among them


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Shadow People

living where

light is blocked by others

kept away

from direct illumination

quite often

forgotten in their darkened places


are their circumstances

oft dismissed

their very real conditions

left alone

with little assistance offered


for their lack of direction


by the self-righteous

those outside

live peacefully, happily

going on

with lives and pursuits

but the light

stays with them, shines on them

while they cast

shadows on all they’ve cast aside


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Only A November Day

it’s only a November day

but I can’t treat it as such

this day marks a milestone

though it’s only one of many

it has been circled and

marked prominently for months

it’s only a November day

but I will celebrate it

this day would never come

at least that’s what I thought

I’ve counted days, hours,

the minutes and seconds

it’s only a November day

but I have claimed it as mine

it is my milestone after all

though others may celebrate

within my world it is mine

for me it is extraordinary

it’s only a November day


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All I Ever Owned Has Let Me Down

several automobiles

a mortgaged house

the latest clothing

all high-tech tech

each collection


every frame

every dish

every sheet

every cup

every glass

every parcel

every thing

all I ever owned

has let me down


life must be more than things


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Speaking Into the Universe

I sent my words out

into the universe

I sent my dreams

I sent my hopes

I sent my wishes

I sent my desires

hoping for a benevolent’s


instead my words

fell among darkness

swallowed by a vacuum


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some ideas

should remain ideas


some thoughts

should remain thoughts


some wishes

should remain wishes


some impulses

should be quieted


some love

should be buried


some hate

should be embraced


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Death of a Stranger

Cruelty has been given a new definition –

When a mind so capable and so beautiful,

Dies agonizingly slowly and piece by piece.

What was a source for inspiration atrophies,

Memories dim and eventually disappear,

The once vital, vibrant now needy, immobile,

Revered patriarch forced into second childhood.

One by one, loved ones receive bitter rejection,

They’ve become forgotten strangers to the stricken.

Relentless march across the mind shows no respect,

As it steals not just all mental capacity,

But the very essence of its latest victim,

Who they are and all that has ever made them them,

Slowly fades to be hidden behind a blank mask.

Long before the end can arrive to grant relief,

The light, signs of life have completely left their eyes.

An ending could surely not come too quickly now,

The mind has ceased and the body is following,

All that is left now is a silent, crumpled mass –

A daily reminder of who this person was.

At the end only the final and anguished breath,

With mind having been stolen, stripped slowly away,

The one here who’s slipping gently out of this life,

Is not who we have always known but a stranger.


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In My Head

there you will find

remnants of dark moments

repressed emotion

silenced thoughts

dust bunnies under rugs

unfinished thoughts

change lost in the cushions

hidden evils

unswept floors

unturned pages

unpolished furniture

many dark corners

you don’t want to be in my head


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Out is different than in.

Up is different than down.

Left is different than right.

White is different than black.

Honesty is different than deception.

Love is different than hate.

Truth is different than fiction.

And while blood may be thicker than water,

you might be advised that blood can be dissolved.


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Send Me Out!

don’t let that be me

that poor fool stuck in

some ugly padded

box of wood or metal

just to be dropped in

a hole in the ground

left to slowly rot

crushed in between

two souls I don’t know


instead, send me out

into death’s cold grip

in a glorious

blaze that reaches out

into the cosmos

releasing what’s left

to the firmament

as I blindly throw

sparks out at the stars


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