some ideas

should remain ideas


some thoughts

should remain thoughts


some wishes

should remain wishes


some impulses

should be quieted


some love

should be buried


some hate

should be embraced


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About John White

I've written off and on my entire life. It took years for me to finally take putting words together seriously. Now it's not, nor does it ever feel, like work. Writing daily has become habitual. No day is complete without words having appeared on the page.

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  1. So true. Wisdom at its eloquent best!

  2. Well, the art is in balance.

  3. Words of such wisdom is best heard with an open heart and mind.

  4. If only we could accept differences and love to respect them. Embracing will come easy. Hatred can be communicated verbally or nonverbally reaching an understanding… That’s embracing hatred as it fizzles away. Only deep understanding comes out of this.

  5. I don’t think we can embrace hate. ever.

  6. Interesting points! Most people aren’t even brave enough to either speak up or let something go.

  7. The biggest and hardest journey anyone will ever take is from the head to the heart.

  8. If it is a true love it cannot be buried. It will sprout roots and grow up to become something beautiful that begs for attention.

  9. nice job.I write too. please follow me on my new blog heartsnspeakers

  10. Well said…… Silence is often more eloquent….. 😉

  11. I believe we should embrace our hate in the fact that it helps define us. We must acknowledge that hate is what makes us human, though we should never act with hatred. Hate is what causes violence and war. Hate only begets hate. We must turn to compassion and love. Because hate does what it does best, consume and destroy.

  12. I honestly am moved by this poem…for sometime now something like that has been haunting me but for some weird reasons I can’t put them together in words..

  13. Very wise, and with a tint of sadness.

  14. Your words are simple and yet so apt, so descriptive. Good choice of words.
    As Da Vinci has said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.
    That’s apparently one of your biggest positives! =D
    Great job, there!

  15. Such wise words! I really love how you’ve done this

  16. Excellently done. Thank you for stopping by and following my blog this week – I hope you’ll find plenty to entertain you. I’m not much of a poet but I do enjoy dabbling with haiku – reading pieces like yours makes me even more convinced I need to leave poetry to the skilled and stick to short stories! Cheers, Nik

    • Thank you, Nik! 🙂 Don’t avoid poetry. Embrace it. Haiku is not an easy form to write and it could be a great launching pad toward other forms. Not to mention that I’m not exactly one of the “skilled.” 😉 It’s great to meet you!

  17. This is GOOD!

  18. Yes. A reminder to step back, to pause, and to try to see clearly. Thank you!

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