All I Ever Owned Has Let Me Down

several automobiles

a mortgaged house

the latest clothing

all high-tech tech

each collection


every frame

every dish

every sheet

every cup

every glass

every parcel

every thing

all I ever owned

has let me down


life must be more than things


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About John White

I've written off and on my entire life. It took years for me to finally take putting words together seriously. Now it's not, nor does it ever feel, like work. Writing daily has become habitual. No day is complete without words having appeared on the page.

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  1. hooklineandinkwell

    yes, it must be..and it is…:)

  2. Actually the things in my life have held up pretty well, travel with me from place to place, serve their purpose, and are passed on to others when their time has come. People not so much😢

  3. Some people have half empty tummies and can’t see the clothing for the cloth , the wood to make them warm in a fire is overshadowed by hulking great trees. Imagination is required to see what is directly in front of you with a dollop of hard graft. Your poem describes very well that sort of person, I am sure someone who writes and creates such as you… Is not one of those. We imagine stories and non existing people and possibly we are quite mad… in a sane sort of way.

  4. You certainly seem to be ‘alive’….Life’s hasn’t absconded…yet! 😉

  5. In materlism we are attached thus when we care enough to see what is important to use one object at a time.

  6. I feel exactly the same way about everything I have ever owned..well, almost.I also feel that way about most people I have met. Maybe my expectations are too high.

    • Thank you, Gail! 🙂 Same here so it’s possible we both have those high expectations. 😉 But I’m not sure there’s anything wrong with wanting to surround yourself with great people while not compromising.

  7. Unfortunately, some of the people in my life fit into that category as well… have to buy better things and find better people or maybe stop expecting so much…. nice writing. Michelle

  8. Pssst… John! *whispering loudly* Trust me on this: if you start acting like things are alive, people will start looking at you funny. And if you persist, they will send the van with the whitecoats after you… But, just so you know, the car really does break down on purpose when you HAVE to be somewhere, and traffic lights do turn red when they see you coming. Just sayin’ lol!

    • Thank you! 🙂 I figure that somebody needs to give the white-coated men something to do so I may as well give them a reason to come and get me. 😉 And the car? Oh, it HAS to break down just when you need it most. Same goes for the lights all turning red just before you get there when you’re in a hurry. lol

  9. It is John. It’s more than the tangible. Although many, including myself, look very hard to find comfort in things rather than hearts and minds…..

  10. Shepard of Peace

    Peace Pilgrim said that the more you own the more unhappier you will be.

  11. We own nothing ,but our thoughts,and then I even wonder… 🙂

  12. Things only let you down if you think they are valuable. I am sitting here trying to figure out what to give away to whom in order to free of things. I remember my parents deciding to dispose of their possessions. My Mom said at one point the only keys they owned were the keys to their luggage and it wasn’t a bad place to be.

  13. It’s drummed into our heads that “materialism” is everything!
    You’re a victim of today’s reality!
    Don’t despair, hard as it seems experience teaches wisdom!
    Best wishes and thanks for your visit to read my poem!

  14. people, things, emotions, nothing has lasted long with me.

  15. beautiful! very very beautiful!!

  16. It’s all stuff and nonsense. Hard to get rid of though. Great poem.

  17. Wow. I didn’t thought at first that such short poem will strike me hard. It was good piece, John. Simple and brief but has substance. I also believe that life is much more than things. Best wishes to you! And thank you also for liking some of posts earlier. 🙂

  18. True dat. Amen.

  19. If its any consolation, people you own, even if you don’t call them yours, will let you down and disappoint you.

    • Thank you, Sylvia! 🙂 That seems to be part of the human condition. Our flaws cause us to do too little, do nothing when we should, or even to do too much. Nearly everyone we know will let us down on occasion but if they let us down often without regard to our feelings then it becomes time to consider removing them from our lives.

      • I often wonder if the worst part is realising that that person who you held in high esteem, doesn’t care about your feelings to begin with, and having regard to your feelings is irrelevant.

        • That is possible, yes. And it may be that they aren’t aware that they don’t take you into consideration when they should. It could just be someone who isn’t sensitive to how their actions impact others.

  20. Thank you so much! 🙂 You’re far too kind. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

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