to be the master

of all that’s surveyed

must come with

many pitfalls

but to serve

an unknown

invisible master

can create

an inescapable



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About John White

I've written off and on my entire life. It took years for me to finally take putting words together seriously. Now it's not, nor does it ever feel, like work. Writing daily has become habitual. No day is complete without words having appeared on the page.

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  1. I like this wording. Know what you’re doing and why!

  2. Serving an invisible Master causes me to never desire an escape….:)

  3. Knowing is what makes the difference.;0)

  4. That’s a prison we willingly to submit ourselves without knowing if the “invisible master” requires us to do so. I think we are given a mind a free will to explore, question and find by ourselves and not chained to thousand years old dogmas regurgitated by people claiming to have a direct path to the “invisible master”.

    • Thank you! 🙂 Well said. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and if we sell ourselves short and fail to learn all there is to learn our minds will never expand and we will fail to grow as people.

  5. I would rather make a decision to turn my life and will over to Him than to live within the confines of my own limited thinking and self-defeating actions. A spiritual prison is defined by our own attitudes and beliefs, often wretchedly warped by childhood experiences. Just my humble opinion.

    • If it works for you, Karen, no-one should think less of you. Though I must question your assertion that your thoughts should be “limited”. They need not be.

    • Thank you, Karen! 🙂 Our lives are going to be dictated by someone, something or us if we allow them to be. However, faith can be a refuge, a comforting part of life. The decisions we make regarding the guiding forces in our lives make a huge difference yet it’s all personal and each individual find comfort in different things.

  6. Love the whole idea of the master
    Great one John

  7. Sounds like what addiction feels like.

  8. Fantastic, and well said!

  9. Yeah. People imprison themselves without even knowing it. Sad.

  10. Certainly can. I’ve seen it.

  11. invicible master is a need

  12. Had to read a few times before being able to follow your words but still, I like this!

  13. Reblogged this on wwwpalfitness.

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