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A One-Year Anniversary – of Sorts


Let me start by saying thank you to all of you for making this past year so absolutely incredible!  The last 12 months on this blog have far surpassed anything I could have ever imagined and none of it would have happened without all of you!

Early in 2014, I put together a blog with the intention of writing a journal of my experiences as a writer covering everything from submissions and rejections (that could have taken a lot of typing) to poetry magazines and journals to writers from whom I drew inspiration.  It just laid there for months.

In July of 2014, I decided it was time to just revamp the whole thing and start posting my poetry.  I put up the first post on July 30th, 2014 to very limited fanfare.

To my surprise, I started seeing some activity:

Now, here I am one year, 180 posts, 9209 followers, 6221 comments, 21,843 likes, and countless wonderful interactions with readers later.

Without question, the best and most rewarding part has been interacting with all of you in the comments.  Getting your feedback, discussing interesting topics, learning that we all have things in common – all of it – has been an absolute pleasure!

Again, thank you all for making this first year so enjoyable and such a treat!  I’m already looking forward to Year Two!!

Taking the Low Road

Taking the high road,

Does well to placate,

Calms those around me,

Prevents arguments,

Can maintain the peace,

And promote goodwill.

This is not the time,

To placate or calm,

Prevent arguments,

Maintain a false peace,

Or promote goodwill.

Now the truth must be,

Told and told plainly,

So in this case I’m,

Taking the low road.



Face It

You may need on more occasion than one,

To face up to gnawing, inner demon.

Perhaps you are guilty of wrong doing,

And you have to stand and face the music.

But the greatest and most difficult thing,

With which you’ll ever come face to face,

Is the truth.