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The Space Between Words

did you hear that

did you hear a sound

it’s unlikely you did

since there was silence

right there

in between the words

falling among phrases

the pause separating

the chosen sentences

there is a meaning there

it’s often not what’s said

it’s the space between

the words

did you hear that

it’s there

right there

there’s meaning in

those spaces


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Colors of Life

soaked in sepia

mass of monochrome

listless grays

between black and white

these exanimate days


now to seek splashes

of the colors of life

to signal that someone

inhabits these spans

from dusk to dawn


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to be the master

of all that’s surveyed

must come with

many pitfalls

but to serve

an unknown

invisible master

can create

an inescapable



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it may be played on

a different instrument


it may be sung in

a different tongue


it may be paced in

a different rhythm

but there

as it is here

it is the song

of death

the march to which

we parade toward

the grave


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Ding dong it is midnight.

The wicked witch will remain.

She will be marked in daily blocks,

As we leaf page-by-page,

Through hardware-store calendar.


Her evil spell will be felt,

Throughout the coming dozen,

The 52 repeated stretches,

From Sunday through Saturday.


A toxic brew which she conjured,

Especially for our benefit,

A blanketing pox under which we live,

Will cover the days we inhabit,

An inescapable, personal burden.


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To Be A Good Son

If I bend my beliefs,

To what you hold as true,

Would you consider me,



If I reshape my will,

To meet your desires,

Could I be counted as,



If I seek after goals,

Of your choosing,

Will my life and times,

Bring you pride?


If my knee remains bent,

In submission,

Can I be called a,



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Doors Locked

back then, living in squalor

in that far-too-expensive

apartment, with little

if anything in the fridge

or the cupboard and the

door constantly locked

my true friends were

Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder

and Chris Cornell – the only

guys who seemed to

understand me or what

it all felt like to be there

today it may be different –

different days, different


my friends haven’t changed

but the doors are still locked


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Storms Like These

rain – the kind of rain

you’re sure will bring down the sky

wind – the kind of wind

you’re sure will bring down all around you

thunder – the kind of thunder

you’re sure will crumble the walls

lightning – the kind of lightning

you’re sure will puncture the ceiling


while others choose to cower, I revel

storms like these remind me I’m alive,

display a power over which we have no control,

clear out the cobwebs of a humid day,

and can reshape the landscape


storm – the kind of storm

you’re sure will end it all

but what a show and what a feeling!


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Words Like Leaves

Lifted from language, from a native tongue,

Words fine-tuned, sharpened to a razor’s edge,

Made into the mysterious, sublime.

To metaphor, simile, parable,

They are fitted neatly and uniquely.

Each grouping a singular character,

Expressing new ideas and emotions.

But can these vehicles of expression,

Be effective out among so many?

These drivers of feelings aimed into hearts,

Must cut through the noisy din, the clutter.

They are numbered like the leaves of the wood,

Crash to earth as if constant autumn.

Where might they fall; by whom will they be heard?

Will they fall withered, scattered like refuse,

Or sound out a new voice, a special chord?


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A Death Will Come

every single time you

can see the struggles

and how she can barely

get from there to here

walking hunched over

slowly making her way

her health obviously

now in full decline

as she keeps her lungs

in a can on wheels

rolling along behind her


and a death will come

to her just as it will for

all of us


after her many years of

wrongs and debts owed

she’s nearly become my

friend for the first time

as I can finally see in

her some redeeming

quality or someone

worth spending time with


though that death will come

and I wonder when it does

who will be there to mourn

will I be there among

many or among only a few


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