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Around the Block


Have you been around the block,

Just to see what might be there?

To know what is possible,

Or what you’re able to bear?


Why’s going around the block,

Carry negative meaning?

Is adding to your knowledge,

Somehow, some way demeaning?


Have I been around the block,

You may query me to know.

I have now lived long enough,

To complete the trip long ago.


How many times around the block,

Have I dared venture to foray?

It was long ago I lost count,

Therefore, I’m unable to say.


What did I learn around the block?

I learned my weakness and my strength.

I saw things I’d never have seen,

All because I went to that length.


Should others trek around the block?

Only if it’s knowledge they seek.

But prepare for the scars it leaves,

It’s not a trip meant for the weak.

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