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Do you gird yourself to hide?

From whom do you veil your essence?

Are you arrayed greater and more beautifully,

To cover a darkness within?


When humanity passes you by,

To what are they a witness?

Do you harbor that realest of you,

And display only what may be acceptable?


Something inside you, a part of you cowers,

Fearing that it maybe be discovered.

Is this an evil, a hole in your character,

That must never be unleashed?


Could it be the part that you hide,

Those deepest recesses of your mind,

Thoughts you believe should never come to light,

Are the basest of men even the real you?


Is that precious soul part god and devil,

Fetched in equal portions from heaven and hell?

A disparate being simply existing,

Never to be revealed?


Reject psychoanalysis, embrace you.

A reflection awaits you if only you will look.

Neither beast nor man exists in perfection.

All you will see when you look is you.


Truth is, you may simply fear the vision,

That person peering back at you.

Acquiesce for this is that true you,

Who shall you fear in this pursuit?


Begin to exhume this person you’ve buried.

Ungird and reveal to the world,

Who they have been missing, the genuine you,

Bare all and free yourself to live life.