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I’m down to my last pack

so out I go across the road

to the convenience store

the one with the 99-cent

Pepsi’s and the overly-

priced gasoline


I’m not dressed for public

certainly not like I had

considered who I might see

so I’m wearing old jeans

a floppy, comfy t-shirt

and my black yard shoes

who am I going to impress


there’s always that one lady

at the register ahead of me

buying a number 3

2 number 4’s and of

course 3 number 7’s

she expects there to

be money buried there

under those scratch-offs


I wait impatiently

behind this lady gambler

ask for my preferred carton

only to be interrupted

by the loud-talking

guy coming in the door

who has to continue

his conversation

from a distance with

his friend who is still

outside at the pump


now, finally, I can pay

and go back across the road

in my dirty yard shoes

I didn’t impress anyone

just like I thought

I’m reminded why being

out in public really isn’t

my favorite thing


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