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Laughing About It

there are times

that going to see the saw bones

can be quite the experience

so, doc, how were the test results”

oh, not so terrible but at this rate

you’ll be dead in a couple of years”

how do you react to that news

what kinds of things go through your mind

it’s amazing the way news like that

changes your day

changes your mind

changes your outlook

changes everything


that’s a lot of nights

a whole lot of days

many miles walked

contemplating the end


the images it brings to mind

are sure as hell nothing to take lightly

but it’s what I do

we all have to die

I’ll die like every other human ever

and I’ve already been told

I should take it more seriously

as if no one understands

if I can’t take this seriously

then I can’t take anything seriously

of course I am

but I’m not going to spend

every waking moment looking glum

and I’m going to deal with it how I deal with it

if I laugh about it

well, I guess I laugh about it

and if I remake my bed

so I can die in it comfortably

well, then I guess I remake my bed

this is my life

and it will be my death

whenever it comes

and I just might laugh about it


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