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the elderly couple waddled

slowly up the sidewalk

I could see they could just

barely get to the front door

as we all were headed for

the doctor’s office entrance


I slipped ahead of them

to hold the door open

they smiled warmly as

they assumed their places

in the check-in line

ahead of me


what can come from

situations like this

do we self-congratulate

for a notably selfless act

or do we learn something


do we find that the human

condition is common and

that we all share in it

can we appreciate the

struggles of total strangers


I’ve found that, as I age,

I see something totally

and absolutely different

when I see the elderly –

I see me in X-number of years

if I’m lucky enough to

live to see that age

and maybe someone younger

and much more able

will do the same for me


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