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Mind: Detached


The moon is bright, the sun is dark,

Dogs meow, cats bark.

My eyes hear, my ears see,

Feeling is smell, taste is sound.


It is my mind that is regurgitating,

Spewing out its thoughts, its neurons.

Memories and gray matter come forth,

Uncontrolled, wildly, vividly, beautifully.


Neural pathways become highways,

Of consciousness, un-conconsciousness.

No stem, no lobe, no right or left brain,

Mixed, stirred it all pours into a river.


My mind is no longer mine,

It is detached, independent, external.

Freely, words form in the ether,

I am watching as my mind works.


Reality is fake, back is front,

North is west, down is sideways.

Inside is upside, before is after,

Beginning and end are now one.


Now watching as my mind takes control,

Seizing the pen from my frozen hand.

Gladly now I see the true author,

Has been released from its prison.

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