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Mr. President


Mr. President,

once again your image

appears on TV.

Once again, you

come before us

in time of tragedy.

Once again, your

empty rhetoric is

simply air escaping.

Once again, you

are powerless

a pawn of the public.

Once again, the

stupid, uneducated,


American public

will have their way.

They are at home

stroking their phallic

rifles and shotguns.

They create erotic

landscapes for them

and their precious guns.

Mr. President,

the American public

has no common sense.

Death is a way of life

a repeated entertainment

interrupting normal news.

They love guns.

They love death.

They love loss.

They love knowing

they’re still alive and

the shooter didn’t get them.

Umpqua, Columbine, Sandy Hook…

it’s televised pornography

to the gun nuts.

Mr. President,

leave them alone

and hope that you

aren’t the next

caught in the cross hairs.

Then you and I will have

something in common.


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