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One Final Tear


Oh, ye love of my life, ye fiend,

What lesson from you may I glean?

Ye are both terror and solace,

A vile evil and yet flawless.


Shall there be fleeting thoughts of you,

Just before I should bid adieu?

Will my curst, unrequited love,

Be the last tear I’m capable of?


Oh, ye that I held on to,

It is so that I cherished you!

Either my greed or your tempting,

Was enough for my exempting.


Having owned you only to lose,

Could my tear of you be infused?

Was my loss so damning and great,

Be my final tear and last weight?


Oh, ye fear, ye thorn in my side,

How oft from you I’ve tried to hide!

An unerring grip held on me,

Would prevent me of breaking free.


Might the control over me you’ve held,

Be there present as I am felled?

Could the final tear that I cry,

Come from you as I lay to die?


As I prepare a final breath,

On a bed that’s made for my death,

My heart will hold one final thought,

Of this life which was hard fought.


Whether of my love, loss or fear,

Of that which I loathe or hold dear.

Whether made of joy or sorrow,

One final tear before I go.