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Only Live


You are here only for a spell.

The days you are given are few.

Suddenly, time will expire,

And you will take leave of this world.


For whom do you arise?

What purpose raises you from slumber?

Which destiny moves your feet?

Does your mind seek acceptance?


For what design is your life given?

Are others allowed to assay you?

Do you prevent their manipulation?

Or do you dance as a marionette?


For what power, what force do you move?

Who and what has mastered you?

Were you stolen, sold into slavery?

Entombed by the chains of servitude?


Loose yourself from this invisible grip!

Slip from this mental yoke that binds you!

Reclaim the mind that is yours!

Establish your autonomy of thought!


Meaning only comes with knowledge.

Knowledge only comes to an open mind.

Stand ready as an open vessel.

For only then are you truly alive.


Stand alone.

Stand convicted.

Be separate.

Be fearless.


Your mind.

Your convictions.

Your meaning.

Only live.

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