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Swan Song


Shall it be an act of loving kindness,

A heartfelt moment of selfless giving?

My recognition that life’s truest gift,

Comes in unrequited giving?


Shall it be words of love and caring,

A soul will carry for their lifetime?

Providing one in need of comfort,

With words of solitude and peace?


Shall it be a final human touch,

Gentle and oh so full of love?

An embrace within a time of need,

Solace provided among life’s storm?


For what shall be my swan song?

My mortality now overwhelms,

It comes into an ever-sharp focus,

Looming much more closely than distant.


Shall I act, speak or touch,

Let my final act within mortal coil,

Be filled with love and peace,

For this is my one and final swan song.


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