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Ten-Year-Old Kid

he was just a ten-year-old kid

he knew little of the world

he didn’t have a grip on life

of its many complexions

and here he is, receiving the

worst news of his entire life

delivered without ceremony

no sugarcoating, no easy

way to tell something so terrible

reaction? what reaction?

he has no idea what to do

with what he’s just been told

it’s over. he knows it’s over

and there’s nothing he can do

to change the outcome

he’s emotionless, limp

still unable to process or

to cope with today’s events

somewhere, now nearly 40

years later, that kid is still

standing there, numb to

everything around him, still

wishing it was a dream, that

no one had driven up, to

deliver this crushing blow

still wondering how he’ll ever

be able to deal with this


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