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I am but a vessel of truth.

It is all that I am and all that I know.

My truth may diverge from others,

Yet it is mine and lives within me.


I am but a vessel of hatred.

Dwelling within that basest part of me.

Surreptitiously it hides beneath the surface,

It is denied the right to control me.


I am but a vessel of love.

That better part of who I am.

Shared with those held dear,

But too often displayed sparingly.


I am but a vessel of hope.

Those better things and better days.

These are dreams unfulfilled,

Though desired in the promise of tomorrow.


I am but a vessel of memories.

Cherished days and episodes.

Stored away within my heart,

Recalled with longing and fondness.


A day is destined to arrive,

And it may not be that far away,

When I escape the bonds of life,

To dwell here no longer.


Yet all that is within me remains,

All that makes me who I am,

Will continue to endure,

For all that will be gone is the vessel.

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