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Thank You! Merci! Danke!


Pachyderms Sitting in Rooms

The room becomes crowded,

As the new guest arrives.

I duly instruct the beast,

To seat himself quietly.


His mass strains the floor.

Heavy breath fogs glass.

Boards groan displeasure,

As the brute shifts his weight.


Every eye promptly looks away,

Ne’er a sight of the animal is made.

Acknowledgment of his presence,

A violation of decorum.


I, now feeling emboldened,

Point to the massive creature.

The room’s ire raised, now erupts,

In a barbed cacophony.


Having become the enemy,

I take leave of the company.

The savage still seated among them,

They, willfully ignorant of his presence.


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Standing on A Corner

in the time that I’ve occupied

this corner between sixth

and road to nowhere

I’ve been gassed by buses,

accosted by street preachers,

blasted with terrible music,

targeted by dog piss,

reviled by nubile women,

dismissed by the suits,

screamed at by some dreadlocks,

panhandled by pigeons

and yet I wait

won’t you come and rescue me

from this concrete prison


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Rome Burns

I will fiddle while all

about me Rome burns

I will find my slumber

while derelict of my duties

I will leave the post

to which I am assigned

I will stand and shout

down all authority

I will flout the law

and the system it supports

I will howl nightly

at a gray, jagged moon

I am of the huddle mass,

the disenfranchised,

those left without, looking in

I will buck wildly

against the system

and in all of this

I will not be alone


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River of Death

treading carefully

observing every step

testing each patch of ground

while eying the horizon

this journey alongside

this river of death

can only continue

for the cautious

but is ruled by the bold

who tread head-long

wildly along the shore


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Fill the Space

there is a space that exists

it stands hollow and empty

it is somewhere in your room

in a conversation

a lacking in your life


you rush to fill it

but not all spaces

must be occupied


allow for an emptiness

accept on occasion

a matter of nothingness

use the space as a respite

sometimes where there is nothing

there is the freedom

to catch your breath

to take a break

to bide your time

to contemplate

gather yourself

gain strength

place nothing where there is nothing

some spaces are meant to stand empty


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The Page

the line became blurred

some time way back

between the page

and my life

I live the moments

I do

I finish

I accomplish

I do all life calls for

but it is on the page

and only on the page

where I am who I am

why do I hide

and is this me

if not, who am I to be?


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I see by the timepiece

hung on the wall

that the hour is fast

approaching me

in which I make

my daily, fateful


when will the dance begin

at what point do I

give up the consciousness

that I so treasure

and take on the flight

of dreams and nightmares

the fight between sleep

and restlessness

the night is young

and the debate just begun

this, like many before,

maybe stretch into



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Granola Sunset

eat and swallow what you’re given

don’t ask questions, don’t disagree

any move away from our agenda

will quickly earn you a label

that we can and will plaster there

prominently on your forehead

for all the world to see

go along with us on this

ride toward the granola sunset

you’ll love it there

it’s where only the simple can

ever be spoken but where

hard truths or questions are

quickly and publicly squashed

don’t worry

we’ll be glad to tell you what

to think


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Moment of Truth

I’ve watched you watch

yourself for hours now

moment of truth:

that reflection isn’t

going to change

unless you do

I’ve watched you tear

down all that you are

moment of truth:

if your mind has

become a wasteland

it’s up to you to change it

I’ve watched you squeeze

into the victim’s clothing

moment of truth:

you are not oppressed

and are only a victim

of your own mind


come to terms with

some simple truths:

you are not perfect

life is not perfect

they’re not out to get you

and life is not pointing

both barrels at you


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