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Take back your happy, sunshine smiley face.

Ne’er dispense those convenient postulations.

Preach no gospel of self-aggrandizement.

Bouncy, mass ideology has no place here.

For here only real shall be spoken.


Keep the empty slogans of the lobotomized.

Destroy useless strip mall rhetoric.

Lay waste internet philosophizing.

Stupid slogans for lemmings are verboten.

For here only real is accepted.


Tell me all things happen for a reason,

As the chaos of the universe reigns.

Insist that it wasn’t meant to be,

When greater effort creates reality.

For here only real is espoused.


Posit that bad things happen to good people,

Knowing all the while that bad comes to us all.

Insist that others reach for the stars,

Yet most aren’t meant for astronomical heights.


Each journey is as unique as the traveler.

Every path littered with obstacles.

The throes of life surround us all.

This too must be embraced.


Empty exposition cures no ills.

Sermonized cliches will not the journey ease.

Make as much room for pain,

As you would for moments of joy.


Bliss softens, sorrow hardens.

Ease brings solace, pain trouble.

Offer yourself up to growth,

Not to platitudes.

For only then can real be obtained.


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