Monthly Archives: June 2015

Getting There

they start out at home, I suppose

going this way and that way

heading wherever they’re headed

often it appears they’ll never

make it to their destinations

not without taking out a few

of the rest us along the way

driving as if every second counts

and each quarter mile is being timed

they’re in a hurry to get to

wherever โ€œthereโ€ is for them

I hope they get to where they

want to be but I’ll hear about

it on the news if they don’t

I’m dropping out of this race


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Board Rooms

there may be a desire to screw

over the brain-dead Republicans

or to give what’s coming to

those moronic Democrats

kick the Tea Party in the nuts

or tell the Socialists to go to hell


how clever has everything become

to make us all feel as if we have

voices and that we can be heard

when all that’s true is that there

are some fat, bloated, pasty,

white men gnawing on cigars

somewhere who own this show

and own all of us


we do their bidding, we

fulfill one purpose โ€“ to make

them richer, fatter, more

bloated and allow them

to buy more expensive

cigars, cars and escorts


to overthrow the government

you’ll need to begin in

the smoke-filled board rooms


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Remembered By Strangers

it is, as well it should be,

assumed that loved ones

of all stripes from friends

to family will remember

but searching as I am for

an audience, it is my desire

to be remembered by strangers


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Ignorance Is Bliss

if ignorance is bliss

it might explain

all the stupid smiles

to be seen every day

in the information age

to choose to be happy

must equal a choice to

also remain ignorant


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Youth And Aging

during youth there is

hope, planning, a future,

attitude, moxie, willfulness,

fighting, lovers, desire


during aging there is

pain, hoping, the past,

humility, kindness, helpfulness,

sitting, looking, quiet despair


what is most amazing is

how a future planned for

becomes a past recollected


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we are nothing more and

no less than a species

living in our own times

hunting, foraging,



killing, being killed,

killing one another

the importance of our

lives is of our own doing

that dentist appointment,

the trip to the market,

the unpaid bill, the

un-filled gas tank, the

un-washed dishes, laundry

these are important because

we have made them important

we are still just a species

occupying our times


those times will end

we are seeing to it


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on the eve of another


on the verge of a new


just hours away from


will I have the power

to make it worthwhile?


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The Times

tired of hearing about how

trying the time is in which

we find ourselves living


as if all times haven’t

been trying or difficult

with nary-a hardship


sure we can look around

and see fear bubbling

up and over the surface


there’s ignorance that

borders on the sublimely

and willfully stupid


there’s delusion that’s

run absolutely rampant

creating deluded zombies


there’s violence perpetrated

even by those who are

supposed to be there to help


there’s hatred that appears

blacker and more matter-of-fact

than anything seen before


there’s ugliness and people

being cruel and doing unspeakable

things to each other


but these times are no more

difficult or trying nor are

they in any way the worst


what we can’t do, mustn’t

do is to allow ourselves

to turn back time out of fear


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This Storm

can this storm bring to an

end all that troubles or all

that places a burden

can it clean out the cob

webs, the mind’s careless

condition of laziness

can it spring to life in

all that it waters

a new sense of purpose


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Age And Wisdom

age doesn’t have to just mean

becoming feeble in body or

in mind or becoming less anything

it can mean, should mean, learning,

maturity, and new perspectives

that can bring new wisdom

this is a path I find myself on

and a path I intend to stay on


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